XRP Price Moves Strongly in Latest Session, Records a 12% Surge

XRP’s 12% Surge

The trading price of XRP has recorded a strong rally in the latest trading session. The report shows that the price of XRP has surged by 12% in the Tuesday session.

The report shows that XRP hit a peak price for the particular day when it reached a high of $0.4283. Prior to the strong push, the trading value of XRP was at a low of $0.374.

This goes to show that the asset has moved up by 12% in the latest session. As of now, the asset is exhibiting its strongest trading price since January 23.

Prior to the rally, the asset had been attempting to make it past the resistance level at $0.402. However, the situation did not work out for the bulls and they kept facing a downtrend whenever the price of XRP moved to a higher level.

Whenever the price of XRP moved to a high of $0.402, the bears dragged them lower with their strong selling power.

Finally, with the help of the recent strong rally, the bulls not only managed to break through the resistance line, but also reached a higher level.

So far, this is a one-month high that the trading price of XRP hit in the latest session.

RSI Stands at 65.76

Prior to the strong push, the RSI for XRP was below the 57.00 mark. However, the strong rally has managed to push it to a higher level. At the moment, the RSI of XRP is at 65.76, which is pointing towards a strong bullish trend.

The data shows that the bulls will be increasing their buying power given the support from the RSI. If the momentum keeps on building, the RSI for XRP may end up crossing the ceiling level, which is at 69.00.

If XRP manages to do that, it will be the strongest RSI level that the asset will have hit since November 2022.

Cardano Surges by 3%

The trading price of Cardano has recorded a significant surge in the past 24-hours as well. The price of ADA has been pushed up by 3% in the latest trading session.

With the strong buying momentum, the value of the asset has been pushed to a high of $0.354. Prior to the pump, the value of ADA exhibited a low trading level at $0.3318.

Due to the recent rally, the trading price of ADA has come close to hitting $0.357, the long-term ceiling level for the asset.

This particular level was formed right at the beginning of March 2023 and the bulls had tried hard to surpass it. Even now, it is a struggle for the bulls to make it past this level.

If things work out fine, ADA’s price may get pushed up to $0.370.