Twitter Replaces its Logo with Doge Resulting in Price Surge

Twitter users were recently taken aback by a surprising shift in the social media platform’s iconic blue bird emblem.

Instead, they were greeted by a quirky illustration of Doge, the beloved Shiba Inu dog known for its cute looks and comic antics. The change in logo caught the attention of the crypto community and set the stage for a thrilling turn of events.

After the logo change, Dogecoin saw a remarkable 23% surge against the U.S. It was a remarkable development for the cryptocurrency that started as a lighthearted parody of Bitcoin and has since gained a cult following.

Why Did Twitter Make this Move?

The quirky change in the Twitter logo to Doge may have seemed like a mere marketing stunt, but it sparked renewed interest in Dogecoin and brought the spotlight back on this fun-loving digital asset.

Surprisingly, the new logo caused quite a stir on the platform, with many users sharing their thoughts and speculations on the reasons behind the change.

Some even suspected that Elon Musk, who has been known to been vocal supporter of Dogecoin, may have been involved.

The timing of the logo change is also noteworthy, given that Elon Musk had recently been in the news for his ongoing legal battle and tweets about Dogecoin.

In a recent court hearing, Musk had argued that tweeting about the cryptocurrency was not unlawful, and it appears that his support for Dogecoin has not wavered.

Twitter’s original blue bird logo was inspired by NBA legend Larry Bird, but it remains to be seen how long the Doge logo will stick around.

Final Thoughts

Despite experiencing a 28% decline year-to-date, Dogecoin has made a significant comeback in recent weeks, with a 30% increase.

This upswing in value coincided with Twitter’s decision to replace its iconic blue bird logo with a Doge image, prompting speculation and curiosity.

Only time will tell how long the Doge logo will remain, but for now, it seems to have captured the attention of the internet and sparked renewed interest in this fun-loving digital asset.