Traders Predict Ethereum May Succeed in Reclaiming $2,000


David Keller, a famous research specialist has talked about the recent performance of Ethereum (ETH). Sierra Alpha Research’s president took to social media to talk about the market performance of ETH.

Keller is Bullish over ETH

Keller has recently opened up about ETH stating that he is strongly bullish about the market performance of Ether. He is confident that the trading price of the asset may surge significantly in the near future

The data shows that Ethereum has recently witnessed a strong and bullish rally. Due to the rally, the trading price of the asset has surged significantly.

The data shows that since hitting June 2022 low, the trading price of ETH has surged by 60%. This has happened as the entire cryptocurrency has recorded an uptrend from the start of 2023.

As the entire crypto market has become bullish, it is going to prove extremely supportive of the Shanghai upgrade.

This would help the asset gain a strong momentum and help its price move higher. According to Keller, the Shanghai upgrade may pave a stronger path for the asset to easily pass through the $1,700 barrier.

If things work out well for the digital asset, then the trading price of Ethereum may get pushed over the $1,700 resistance level.

Going forward, the trading price of the asset may get hiked. Over the course of time, the trading price of the asset may get pushed to a high of $2,000 and then travel higher.

Important Details of the Shanghai Upgrade

The asset is already in rally mode and the Shanghai upgrade is going to add huge support for the stakers.

The users that have staked their ETH tokens would be able to withdraw these tokens once the Shanghai upgrade is implemented.

The upgrade is expected to be implemented in the month of March and it will definitely help achieve a major push in ETH’s trading price.

The Largest Crypto Keeps Growing Larger

As the entire crypto market is moving towards a recovery, it is Bitcoin (BTC) that is demonstrating the strongest performance.

As always, the dominance of the token has continued surging ever since the rallies started to take place. To this day, the price, trading volume, valuation, and dominance of the token have continued to rise.

At the time of writing, the trading price of BTC is at $23,826.70 as it has surged 3.14% in the past 24-hours. The trading volume of the token has surged to 30,459,962,475 in the past 24-hours.

The dominance of BTC has surged all the way up to 42.2%. The overall market valuation of the crypto industry has also surged over $1.089 trillion.