Trademark Applications Reportedly Filed By Visa That Cover A Range Of Products In Crypto-Verse

The latest reports suggest that Visa, a major digital payment platform has filed trademark applications. It has been confirmed in the report that Visa has submitted an application for two trademarks.

Visa Files Trademark Applications at USPTO

The report suggests that the applications have been filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It means that the payments company is very discreet and serious about the new products it aims to launch.

A trademark attorney, Mike Kondoudis, who is licensed by the USPTO has reportedly tweeted about Visa’s latest submission.

Details of the Applications

While sharing details about the trademark applications, Kondoudis revealed what Visa has asked approval for.

He revealed that Visa is planning to manage virtual environments, virtual goods, NFTs, crypto wallets, digital currencies, crypto transactions, and digital asset transactions as well.

Visa has added that it wants to offer much more to the users while exploring and targeting audiences in the crypto-blockchain spaces.

As confirmed by Kondoudis, both applications have been filed on October 22. The serial number for the first application is 97643605 and the serial number for the second application is 97643607.

In the applications, Visa has added that the company that would own the trademarks would be Visa International Service Association. It is the subsidiary that has been created by Visa Inc.

Content is Not Downloadable

In the application, Visa has remained very transparent as to what it intends to do with the content it wants to create.

As per the application, all the online software, collectible series of NFTs, virtual goods, crypto wallets, and digital transactions it is aiming to create and the host would be non-downloadable.

Visa is a Crypto Proponent

In the past couple of years, Visa has done things that have made it very clear that it is a cryptocurrency proponent. The company has openly supported projects and firms that are linked with the world of crypto.

Visa is among the mainstream financial institutions that have recognized the true potential of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain sector.

Therefore, the company aims to gain as much as it can from the adoption and integrations into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

In recent years, Visa has partnered with over 65 cryptocurrency firms and the number is rising significantly. Visa has no intentions of slowing down and it aims to continue gaining more momentum.

It is even supporting some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges as they are launching their cryptocurrency debit cards in collaboration with Visa.

So far, 80 million merchants all over the world have access to crypto payments just because Visa has enabled it through its platform.

It is proving to be a pinnacle for crypto adoption and the crypto sector would benefit tremendously from Visa.