Special Agent from IRS-CI Reportedly Hired by Binance

By now, it has become old news that Binance is constantly facing pressure from the regulatory authorities from all over the world. The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the entire world has been facing a lot of scrutiny from regulators throughout the globe.

Therefore, the exchange has been making a lot of efforts in order to deal with the situation promptly and drive itself away from further scrutiny. This is the reason why Binance is constantly involved in hiring some of the most prominent and highly experienced personalities with experience in regulations and compliance.

One of the latest hires Binance has carried out is an agent from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States. Binance has confirmed that the particular agent will be designated as the new intelligence division’s head. This goes to show exactly how cautious Binance is when it comes to making itself compliant enough to stay off the regulators’ investigative radar.

Binance has confirmed that the name of the IRS agent is Tigran Gambaryan who will be joining Binance. He will become part of Binance and will be performing his duties as the vice president of investigations and global intelligence for the exchange.

Binance all the information about Gambaryan on Thursday, September 30, 2021. This is the first time Gambaryan will be becoming part of a private sector company as his previous duties were for the government sector. He had been work as the special agent for IRS since September 20211.

While at IRS, Gambaryan was involved in several kinds of cases where four cases were on top of the priority list. He looked after four major kinds of cases including identity theft, tax evasion, terrorism financing, and national security.

He was also involved in the investigation that IRS carried out on a dark web marketplace, prominently known as the Silk Road. The particular marketplace had made its name being one of the major facilitators of cryptocurrencies on the dark web.

It was due to efforts put in by Gambaryan and his entire team that helped the FBI take down the Silk Road marketplace back on October 2013. Following the shutting down of the exchange, the FBI were also able to arrest Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the Silk Road marketplace.

Once Gambaryan takes charge of his designation at the exchange, he will be responsible for carrying out extensive investigations. The exchange has announced that these investigations will be conducted on both; internal & external matters. His main responsibility would be to ensure that the exchange has no outside or inside threats and the company is not facing any financial losses. The division operator under the supervision of Gambaryan will be closely in touch with the regulatory authorities and law enforcement authorities.