SOL Price Hits a 2-Month Low before Rebounding While MATIC Rebounds from a Multi-Month Low

Solana Recovered from Two-Month Low

As the new weekend began, the trading price of Solana (SOL) ended up in the green and bullish zone. It was on Friday when the bearish trend was observed.

The price of the asset had been hovering in the negative zone throughout the week. Even on Friday, the bears were in stronger spirits as they kept pulling SOL’s price lower.

It wasn’t until the beginning of the weekend that the bulls reappeared. They launched their counter against the bears and the price of SOL started to recover significantly.

On Friday, the trading price of SOL was exhibiting a lower level, recorded at $16.19 per SOL. As the bulls launched their counter and started to gather as many SOL as possible, the value of the token was pushed higher.

As the Saturday trading session began, the trading price of SOL was recorded at a high of $18.85 per SOL.

Due to the recent push, the bulls have managed to push SOL over the floor price of $17.30. It was thought that the bulls may find it difficult to cross a particular level but they have.

With the recent surge, the value of the SOL has jumped over the two-month low. The last time SOL hit a lower level than the Friday one was back on January 13.

The RSI of SOL is also witnessing a spike, having moved over the support level of 30.00 and currently exhibiting the 32.85 level.

If the RSI keeps on climbing higher, then the trading price of SOL may surge to higher levels. If the spirits remain high, then the trading price of Solana may cross the $20 mark.

Polygon Recovers from a Multi-Month Low

Just like Solana, Polygon (MATIC) has also experienced a rebound. MATIC was also moving in the bearish zone throughout the week but the weekend has turned favorable for the asset.

The bulls were finally able to collect their power and they managed to push its price up from the multi-month low.

The market data shows that the trading price of MATIC surged by almost 7% on Saturday. Before the rally had kicked in, the price of MATIC was at a low of $0.9545.

With the bulls contributing strongly towards the upward trend, the trading price of MATIC has surged to a high of $1.09.

Prior to the rally, the RSI for MATIC was lower than the support level of 32.00. Since the initiation of the strong rally, the RSI has recovered, moving over the 32.00 mark and on track to hit 35.00.

If things work out well and the RSI keeps on surging, the trading price of MATIC may surge past the $1.20 mark.