SBF’s Lawyers Once More Request Release Ahead Of Trial Date

SBF’s Lawyers Once More Request Release Ahead Of Trial Date

The legal team representing Sam Bankman-Fried has again made a request for the temporary release of their client.

This time, the lawyers have requested that he be released for the duration of his upcoming criminal trial that will begin on October 3rd.

The request

On Monday, the attorneys sent a letter to Judge Lewis Kaplan in which they highlighted the need for their client’s release to help him in preparing for his defense effectively.

They explained that the Court had previously noted that preparing for complex cases can be difficult and their client’s limited access to evidence is an obstacle in adequately preparing for the trial.

They stated that they were finding it extremely difficult and impractical to make adequate preparations for the trial, given the restrictions that have been imposed.

In the last couple of months, a number of requests have been submitted by Bankman-Fried’s legal team to ask for his release and they have all been turned down.

According to the lawyers of the disgraced crypto mogul, there is a huge amount of evidence that has to be reviewed with their client, which highlights the need for more time.

The evidence

The lawyers said in the letter that there is a list of 50 potential witnesses that the government has provided, more than 1,300 exhibits, and over 3,500 pages of material.

They further added that intricate financial records make up a considerable part of this material and data, which makes the case more complex.

Therefore, the lawyers stated that they had concerns about being able to represent their client effectively in the upcoming trial, as the consultation time is limited when the court is not in session.

To resolve this issue, they have come up with a detailed proposal for the release of their client under some stipulated conditions on October 2nd, a day before his trial begins.

The proposal

It is specified in the proposal that Bankman-Fried be permitted to spend time at an approved workplace, at his attorney’s office, or at a temporary residence in New York City, outside of court hours.

After the daily court proceedings, Bankman-Fried is allowed to meet his attorneys for necessary trial preparations.

A private security guard can be hired for security purposes, who would meet Bankman-Fried every night at his lawyers’ location and monitor his movements between the office, residence, and the courthouse.

The proposal dictates that Bankman-Fried not be allowed to have any visitors or access to any online platforms or electronic devices at his temporary residence.

In addition, it also states that Bankman-Fried would also agree to a gag order. He would not speak with anyone other than his lawyers, other members of the defense team, and his brother and parents during the trial.

Whether the judge approves this request remains to be seen, but it is highly likely that it would get a green light after having been rejected before.