PureVPN – A Piece of Mind for Crypto Users

Usually, a crypto wallet holder logs into his account multiple times in a single day. Most of the time, a wallet holder does not realize that he is leaving behind a trial for intruders. So the dilemma for crypto wallet holders is how they can keep their crypto funds secure and intact. They want to sleep worriless that after they have logged off nobody can access their wallets. However, apparently, that is not the case.

It can be seen very often these days that crypto wallets are easily breached. The breaching party then takes out all the crypto funds and leaves no clues behind. Even the intruders have been seen very often breaching into the entire network. Resultantly, they enslave the network and, whatever lying therein, becomes their property and they can do anything to them as they please.

While there is no shortage of security protocols out there, yet still the intruders manage to breach into networks and wallets.

In an effort to prevent unauthorized access, a project was developed some fifteen years ago namely PureVPN. It is a “virtual private network” that currently has more than 3 million users across the globe. What PureVPN does is simple. If you have applied PureVPN then whatever browser you are doing, becomes safe and traceless. In simple words, the network data a VPN user is browsing becomes encrypted through the VPN. In other words, it erases your browsing traffic by making it trackless. PureVPN works on 256-bit encryption meaning thereby that it is impossible for anyone to sneak a peek into any account.

Within the crypto community, the majority of them are already aware of PureVPN. In fact they heavily rely on PureVPN while they are logging in and out of their crypto accounts with their hired exchanges. The use of PureVPN gives them the peace of mind they badly needed because nobody wants anyone to trespass into their properties.

Another great use of PureVPN is that it allows users access even to those websites which are banned in certain locations. There are innumerous crypto exchanges available today globally. However, there is a possibility that one cannot access a particular website in a particular state. Generally, crypto users, before accessing their accounts, enable “PureVPN” in an effort to prevent unauthorized access. But it can also be used as the other way around. A user also has the option to access banned websites through the use of PureVPN or any other VPN service provider.

Furthermore, PureVPN comes with multiple features and loads of options. One of the most vital features of PureVPN is that it has a “kill switch”. For example, a user had enabled PureVPN, however, after some time the user realizes that VPN has gone off. In this situation, the user has the option to press the kill switch which can instantaneously and will automatically incapacitate the network data/traffic for a short period of time. It means that the kill switch option buys time for the user within which the user can restore the VPN status.