NFT Project Partners with Afghanistan Organization to Help Women get Access to Education an NFT company in recent development joined hands with a New York-based organization to help Afghani women. The goal is to ensure that women get an education under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. said that they will release the non-fungible tokens, on Oct. 5. The token will be handed over to an organization named Women for Afghan Women. The organization provides educational and vocational training and services to women in Afghanistan and the United States. The new NFT token that would be released for women empowerment will have art inspired by Louisa May Alcott’s work, where half a woman’s face is covered by a single butterfly wing stating that “nothing is impossible to a determined woman.” Louisa May Alcott is an American author widely famous among women in the U.S.

This unique project is one of its kind and the first time where NFT being used for the welfare of society, especially for women. It shows that crypto companies are aware of their social responsibility, and they care more about society instead of just focusing on money-making.

Back in 1990’s, when Taliban assumed the control of the state of Afghanistan, they banned women from getting all sorts of education. However, history has repeated itself and one more Taliban regime is now ruling the country. Though the dynamics are different this time there is still a threat that the Taliban regime might impose some restrictions on women from getting an education.

After U.S troops left the country in some urgency the control of the country was assumed by the Taliban regime. Addressing the concerns over women’s education Zabihullah Mujahidwhile, the country’s minister for education has mysteriously said that women and girls would be given access to education as soon as possible.

The official statement from confirmed that 100% of the income that would be generated from the sale of the new NFT tokens would be given to the women in Afghanistan. As of now the plans are to min 2,200 copies of the NFT token. The starting price for the token will be 0.025 Ether (ETH) or roughly $75.54 at the time of publication.

A report published said that more than 2.2 million girls currently don’t have the opportunity to go to school. After spending 20 plus years of foreign oppression and a violent environment, Afghani women now vowed not to accept another regime that intends to deprive them of their rights.  Women in Afghanistan are using the power of social media to express what they feel and what sot of the situation they are going through.