Mainstream (Traditional) Gamers Not Too Fond Of Web3 Games, Survey Reveals

Coda Labs has recently conducted a survey to establish whether gamers are likely to become part of Web3 gaming soon or not.

Coda Labs, a major blockchain entertainment provider shared very interesting results about the adoption of Web3 gaming by the gaming community.

Web3 Gaming and Mainstream Adoption

In the past couple of years, the concept of Web3 has come to life. It tends to offer an environment to gamers where they can play and interact with other players in a decentralized manner.

The players are not required to share their personal or financial details like they have to do when interacting on traditional internet gaming networks.

As Web3 is largely based on crypto-blockchain technologies, many expect it to be the next big thing in the upcoming years.

Therefore, a large number of mainstream game-developing companies as well as blockchain-based companies have started working on Web3-based games.

The companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to make their way into the Web3 gaming industry and become the top developers.

Traditional Gamers Need Time

Despite the efforts being put in by the developers, the success of the industry depends on their adoption level. This is where the traditional gaming community comes in, which is more than glad, to stick with the ways they have been playing games.

This is what the survey was all about as it aimed to find out what the gamers have to say about getting into Web3 gaming.

The survey has made it clear that traditional gamers still need time to get used to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies. These are the major components that they have to interact with when playing Web3 games.

Therefore, the gaming community does not have much of an interest in Web3 games for now. It is obvious that over time, Web3 games would make their way into the gaming consoles and operating systems of traditional gamers.

However, the Web3 developers have to remain very patient and calm throughout the process. In time, traditional gamers would start moving to Web3 gaming platforms and Web3 games.

Survey Results

The survey has confirmed that gamers find the practical barriers to be too complex or time taking. Another factor is having less knowledge or understanding of Web3 platforms or crypto wallets.

These are the main reasons why gamers are shying away from Web3 games.

The survey has shown that out of the total non-crypto gamers, only 12% tried Web3 games. 15% of the total non-crypto gamers revealed they intend to try out the Web3 games in the future but they are playing none at the moment.

Many developers perceive Web3 games to be the future of success for multiple cryptos and NFT projects. Without adoption, these platforms would have no significant value and they would fail to attract much trade themselves.