LUNC Records a 6.5% Surge, Investors are Aiming to Hit Highest Targets


The investors have been hoping for a strong run for LUNC as the asset has been recording a strong movement for some time.

The LUNC token currently has an overall valuation of $1 billion and its trading price is close to hitting $0.00021. The data shows that the trading price of LUNC is expected to witness a 17.54% rally.

So far, the trading price of LUNC has reached a high trading figure of $0.0001775 in the past 24-hours. The trading price of LUNC has hit a strong 6.5% rally in the past 24-hours.

Due to the recent price movements, LUNC has earned 50 number spot in the list of top 50 cryptocurrencies.

Preparations by Investors

The investors have not lost their appetite despite the recent rallies. They want to keep going for stronger gains in the upcoming days.

The investors are now placing themselves into new positions to support LUNC. This information is shared by CoinMarketCap, a crypto data tracking firm.

CoinMarketCap has shown that a great surge has been recorded in the trading volume of LUNC. The data shows that LUNC’s trading volume has surged by 48% in the mentioned period, moving it up to $100 million.

Investors are Enthusiastic

The constant surge in the trading volume of LUNC is giving a clear message to the rest of the investors of LUNC.

They should also join the cause as the trading volume indicates that the investors are enthusiastic about investing in LUNC.

This is the reason why there is a great spike in the trading volume. This suggests that the demand for the asset is growing and a strong uptrend may be underway for the asset.

LUNC Expects a 17.54% Surge

For now, the trading price of LUNC is hovering around the symmetrical triangle pattern. This shows that the investors have not given up on supporting the asset.

They may continue increasing their support for the asset and try their best to move LUNC to the immediate resistance zone.

The particular pattern is formed when the price of the asset starts traveling in a tighter range. It can result in a strong battle between both the bears and the bulls. But most of the time, it is the bulls who prevail.

As the bulls keep winning the battle against the bears, the price of the asset may continue breaking out. In such a case, the trading price of the asset may rise over the trendline.

In this particular case, the trading price of the asset may manage to make it into higher trading territories. As the momentum keeps growing stronger, the trading price of LUNC may get pushed to $0.00021.