List of Some Promising New Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2023


The cryptocurrency marketplace or digital currencies market is still considered the new trend as compared to fiat assets, which are also known as the original assets class.

Moreover, the bonds and equity market is also considered traditional markets as compared to the cryptocurrency marketplace.

What sets cryptocurrency apart is its volatile nature and ability to provide investors with gigantic returns.

Conversely, it has also been regarded as the riskiest market, because it is digital and decentralized, so chances for cybercrime are immensely high.

Another factor that makes cryptocurrency risky is the lack of a regulatory framework.

Hundreds of New Crypto Projects Are Being Launched Yearly Bases

Even though the digital currency market is risky, hundreds of new crypto projects are being launched on every blockchain on daily basis.

The aim behind the launch of every single crypto project or cryptocurrency is simple, to snatch the market share from Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Despite the fact that rivaling the giants such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) is an impossible task, crypto enthusiasts are driven by passion.

In this guide, we will walk you through some exciting upcoming crypto projects which have the potential to provide investors with gigantic returns.

Given Below is The List of The Some Exciting Upcoming Cryptocurrencies

  1. DeFi Coin (DEFC)

It is one of the newly launched, yet the best cryptocurrencies to watch out for in 2023. Originally the token has been developed to explore the DeFi sector.

The aim is to establish a strong foothold in the immensely growing decentralized finance sector. DEFC is the native token for the DeFi Swap exchange.

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are famous for offering people to trade, yield, and stake a range of coins.

As far as the price of DEFC is concerned, its price performance is directly linked to the growth of the DeFi Swap exchange.

Back in May 2022, the price of the token surged by 300%. Talk of DeFi Swap exchange has numerous use cases.

Currently, the price of the DEFC token is $0.043997, and the price is expected to rise in the future. Right now is the best time to invest in this cryptocurrency.

  1. Livepeer (LPT)

It is another newly launched yet promising cryptocurrency to watch. The token has the potential to emerge as the leading coin in 2023.

It is another digital currency that is being launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Livepeer is a web 3.0-based project to make live video streaming more efficient and affordable.

The developers of Livepeer have said that the platform can reduce the cost of video streaming by 50%. LPT is the native token for Livepeer.

As of this writing, the price of the LPT token is US$8.91, its w4-hours trading volume is valued at $13.71M. Over the last 24 hours, the price of LPT tokens has risen by 0.75%.

The price of LPT is expected to go further high, as the next level of resistance is expected at the $10 mark. So, if you want to invest in this token, you should hurry now.

  1. eCash (XEC)

According to experts, this is another promising currency to rival Bitcoin. eCash is a project that is designed to use its digital token XEC as the electronic token.

The majority of the experts have named eCash as the carbon copy of the Bitcoin Cash ABC fork project. The main aim of both of the projects seems similar.

But the major difference is that, unlike Bitcoin’s POW framework, eCash uses proof of stake (PoS) stake. The developers are working to make XEC a global digital currency that is accepted for all sorts of e-commerce payments.

As of now, the XEC is priced at $0.00003693, as compared to the previous day’s price its price is up by 0.25%. The price of XEC is expected to go further high in the coming days.

The currency’s 24-hours trade volume is $23,145,227. So, if you want to invest in XEC you should hurry now.