Latest Reports Suggest A Large Number Of Investors Are Desperately Looking For Do Kwon

As the Terra Network crash took place, several investors from South Korea went after Do Kwon. The Terra (LUNA) and Terra USD (UST) investors from Korea were upset with the network’s crash in May.

Some of the upset investors raised enough complaints against the Terra Network and Do Kwon that the South Korean authorities had to address the matter.

From there, the South Korean authorities took up the matter and have been after Do Kwon since then.

Even the South Korean prosecutor requested Interpol to issue a ‘red notice’ against Do Kwon, as it was established he had fled to Singapore.

Discord Group is after Do Kwon

From a few investors to the South Korean authorities, and then Interpol, the matter has gotten even worse for Do Kwon.

Now, a large group of investors who are very unhappy with Do Kwon has decided to go after him. The particular group is known as the UST Restitution Group (URG), which is from Discord.

The particular Discord group comprises of 4,400 members and now everyone wants to get their hands on the founder of Terra Labs.

The URG is searching for Do Kwon

The URG has vowed to search for Do Kwon and report him to the authorities so he can be arrested and extradited to South Korea.

The major reason why the group is after Do Kwon is out of sheer frustration and anger they have against the co-founder of Terra Labs.

The group has also shared its concern over the law enforcement authorities that have failed to arrest him for such a long time.

Now the URG is after Do Kwon and is searching all over the internet to find clues and hints for his whereabouts.

Claims by the Group Members

Several members of the group are sharing their findings about the whereabouts of Do Kwon. Many of them have claimed that Do Kwon might be in Azerbaijan, Dubai, or Russia.

Some have even gone on to claim that Do Kwon may be hiding on a yacht to get away from the authorities.

One particular member of the group was very confident about his claim involving Do Kwon. The member sent a message to the group on October 19 that Do Kwon would soon travel to Dubai.

Do Kwon is Destroying Terra’s Reputation

According to the majority of the crypto market gurus and analysts, Do Kwon not facing the allegations made against him is destroying the image of the Terra network.

As per them, Do Kwon must fight his case against the South Korean authorities if he is not guilty. However, if he keeps running from the authorities, he is confirming he orchestrated the Terra crash.