Basic Steps to Invest in Worldcoin Cryptocurrency

Worldocin or WDC is a digital currency. You can get it through a mining process or buy it from crypto exchanges.  WDC has a zero current supply with the last known price value of $0.02768838. As of writing, WorldCoin was trading on two active cryptocurrency markets with $615.25 in a day. The WDC has a 5076 ranking in the coinmarketcap with a 36.38% increase. 

As a trader, you can find WDC in the listing of many cryptocurrency exchanges, although you cannot directly purchase it with fiat currency. One of the easiest ways to buy Worldcoin is by first purchasing USDT on a fiat-to-crypto platform and then shifting it to the crypto exchange, offering a trade service for this digital currency. 

Is there another Digital Coin with the Same Name?

Confusingly, there is another crypto coin with the same name, waiting to appear on the market officially. The unreleased Worldcoin refers to the newest form of digital currency that aims to support the equal distribution of wealth and money globally. The coin gets inspiration from the universal basic income and proposes an equal share of the cryptocurrency to all humans. 

While the unreleased worldcoin has several layers, its USP part involves a scanning mechanism to build an exclusive personal identifier. This altcoin designs a spherical tool to scan users’ orris-root and consequently stop fraudsters from exploiting the system through multiple claims. 

However, as mentioned earlier, the cryptocurrency still does not have official launching or released full details. It means you cannot invest in this form of cryptocurrency yet, though it hopefully not takes long to arrive.

The presence of two digital coins known as worldcoin makes it a matter of confusion. Traders have been investing in the altcoin for the last eight years, but there is no relation between the two projects despite sharing the same name.

Basic Steps of Buying WorldCoin

The cryptocurrency has already gained many high-profile traders like the LinkedIn founder. Coinbase is also among those cryptocurrency platforms that have believingly supported the WDC project. Here are the basic steps of buying Worldcoin cryptocurrency through a fiat-to-crypto exchange. 

Sign up with the Crypto Exchange 

For buying WDCs, you need to buy USDT through a cryptocurrency exchange that accepts fiat currency to sell cryptocurrencies, such as Coinbase and These fiat-to-crypto platforms have different fee policies and features to meet the requirements of various investors and traders. Ideally, you can try both the exchanges and decide on the one that matches the best with your trading profile. 

Purchase USDT Using Fiat Currency

After registering with the fiat-to-crypto currency exchange, you will need to enter your chosen payment method. Based on your preference, you can choose between a debit card, credit card, or bank transfer to deposit funds for the future. While using debit or credit cards involves higher fees, it allows you to purchase USDT instantly. On the other hand, a bank transfer is a cheaper option, but it takes some time to deposit the funds with low fees. When you get funds in your crypto account, click the trade button on the crypto exchange, select USDT and confirm your order. 

Transfer USTD 

You can only trade WDC on a crypto exchange that allows trading in this altcoin. You can visit several crypto exchanges that provide services for worldcoin trading in numerous market pairs and sign up with one of them. Once done, transfer your USDT from coinbase to the cryptocurrency exchange and buy WDC from the exchange view only after receiving the deposit confirmation. 

You can always take advantage of popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, with daily trading volumes and a massive user base. It will help you sell your crypto holding at any time with lower transaction fees. Registering with these exchanges can be beneficial in the long run. You can attract a large amount of trading volume once WDC comes in their listing and subsequently earn great trading opportunities.

Store WorldCoin

The last step of investing in WDC involves keeping your crypto holdings secure in a hardware wallet. Luckily, several digital wallets like Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X can be handy in storing your digital assets safely.