Internet Computers Demonstrates over 10% Growth and May Hit $35.22

As the overall cryptocurrency industry continues experiencing a downfall, Internet Computer (ICP) seems to be going in the other direction. The weekly performance report for ICP has shared a very promising growing figure that is 10.44%.

Even in the past 24-hours, Internet Computer’s price has continued experiencing a 2.91% rally. Even during the hard times, the supporters of Internet Computers have proven their loyalty to the digital asset with their constant push.

It is because of the strong buying activity from the investors’ end that Internet Computer is looking at green figures. As of now, Internet Computer’s price is exhibiting a positive figure that is worth $21.04.

For now, the predictions for Internet Computers seem to be going in both directions. At the moment, it seems that the bulls have more control over the price of Internet Computer than the bears. This is the reason why the bulls have managed to survive strong resistance from the bears’ end.

The bears have been trying hard to create uncertainty about the price of Internet Computer, to drag the trend further into their favor. Even after observing a rally in the past 7-days, Internet Computer is not close to having a strong bullish trend.

Even now, the majority of the investors are preferring to observe Internet Computer and see exactly where it starts moving.

Going by the bearish predictions, the investors currently have no interest in buying and accumulating Internet Computer. Even if they are buying Internet Computer, it is with the aim of increasing its price and then selling them for gains.

However, this is not helping the bullish trend at all, but it is creating uncertainty among the investors about accumulating Internet Computer. If the uncertainty grows, then the investors may start going for sales, sinking Internet Computer’s price to $19.59.

If their pressure continues growing strong against the bulls and they are not able to make a comeback, then ICP may plummet to $17.45. If bears prove to be stubborn against the bulls, then Internet Computer’s price may fall deeper to $14.85

On the contrary, the bulls may also be given the stage to show what they are capable of doing. However, the show-off window may not remain open for a longer period of time for the bulls. Therefore, the bulls will need to act fast and push Internet Computer’s price up to $23.34.

If the bulls do this, then they will have triggered a trend that may attract more investors to their side. This way, the investors will be able to push Internet Computer up to $27.75. If the bulls do not exhaust their resources, then they may be able to push harder and bring Internet Computer up to $35.22