Gemini Adds Support for Shiba Inu

Meme cryptocurrency Shiba Inu appears to be gaining a lot of popularity and in the latest move in the coin’s favor, another prominent crypto exchange has added its support for it. This is none other than Gemini, which is now offering support for SHIB, along with a couple of other new metaverses, defi, data management and infrastructure tokens. Meanwhile, there are more than 531,000 signatures on the petition for Robinhood to also list the Shiba Inu crypto on its platform. Gemini announced their decision to support the meme token and said that they were pleased to give this news. 

The exchange elaborated that they were adding support for shiba inu (SHIB), mask network (MASK), audius (AUDIO), radicle (RAD), (FET), superrare (RARE), wrapped centrifuge (WCFG), burn (ASH), numeraire (NMR) and quant (QNT) for both custody as well as deposits on their platform. The company stated that they were adding support for these because they thought these would deliver value to the exchange’s users. It also said that they would continue support for the budding metaverse, data management environments, decentralized infrastructure as well as the DeFi space. After the announcement by Gemini, Shiba inu investors are hoping that the next trading platform to add support for the token would be Robinhood.

The supporters of the meme cryptocurrency have been making efforts for Robinhood to list the SHIB token; a petition was started on for this purpose and it had more than 513,000 signatures at the time of writing. However, Robinhood had discussed its coin listing strategy quite recently and disclosed that they were not in any hurry to add new coins to their offerings. But, the exchange did not clarify if they were going to or not planning on listing the SHIB token at all. Meanwhile, early this month, the shiba inu coin had been made available to Coinbase users in New York. 

As a matter of fact, the exchange had also added some SHIB trading pairs as well. The SHIB token has been available on the Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange for a number of months now. Another crypto exchange, Kraken had said on Twitter that if its tweet received 2,000 likes, they would list the Shiba Inu token on their platform. However, the company failed to live up to its promise and did not list the token, even though the SHIB community delivered over 80,000 likes. Instant crypto exchange, ChangeHero has also listed SHIB on its platform. 

Customers do not need an account for exchanging token against more than 80 cryptocurrencies. People can use cryptocurrencies of various blockchains, or even Ethereum-based tokens for buying SHIB or exchanging it. A zero fees exchange offer was also announced by ChangeHero for SHIB in order to celebrate their listing. This would allow the users to exchange the token with any other cryptocurrency or vice versa, without incurring any fee. This offer is only applicable to the platform’s web version and its validity will end on November 15th, 2021. The Best Rate transaction can be used for making a simple exchange with SHIB on the ChangeHero platform.