Floki Inu to Begin Major Marketing Push in October

Floki Inu shared their detailed plan to penetrate the crypto market in the month of October. The token will further push the market to gain the spotlight. Floki Inu (currently trading under the ticker FLOKI) was inspired by the tweet written by Elon Musk. Where Musk announced that his Shiba Inu would be named Floki.  Within the minutes after posting this tweet the price of Floki Inu shot up over 100%.

Since then, Floki Inu has had a strong presence in the market.  As of this writing, Floki has maintained strong foot-holding within the market. To further push its momentum, Floki Inu has decided to exploit the market with very targeted and aggressive marketing campaigns. The company has already announced to spend the amount of $1,500,000 for its marketing purposes. This marketing money would be used to introduce the FLOKI in major metropolitan areas, helping FLOKI to get listed on the high crypto exchanges and joining hands with some of the top crypto influencers to create positive goodwill for the FLOKI INU.

As far as the marketing plan is concerned the reports have claimed that the primary target for the marketing campaign is London. From the start of the month of October, Floki Inu will aggressively market itself in London. Floki has just signed the strategic contract to advertise in the London Underground and across about 300 London buses. These advertisement campaigns would be all around the London public transport system.

The goal behind targeting the transport sector is to attract a wide and diverse range of audiences who are willing to invest in a relatively cheaper digital token for a stable and long-term return. One of the biggest reasons behind picking London is that London is the most popular metropolitan city. London has a population of nine million. On top of that around 21 million people come to visit London annually.

FLOKI Inu marketing team do believe that a strong presence on a city like London would definitely enhance the company’s audience-based and its market share as well. Since London is the capital of the United Kingdom, it is not only a tourist attraction, but the world’s top businessmen also visit London on regular basis. So, FLOKI Inu also planned some strategic joint ventures with some of the private business investors as well.

As of this writing, FLOKI Inu’s marketing policy is revolved around expansion. This expansion includes a strong market presence, diverse customer bases with a focus on long-term growth, and also developing strategic ties with the business community. Three months from October, FLOKI Inu will target the Los Angeles metropolitan area for its marketing purposes as well.