Developer Introduces Talk2Satoshi -a Bitcoin-Enriched AI Chatbot

Developer Introduces Talk2Satoshi -a Bitcoin-Enriched AI Chatbot

On May 31, Pierre Corbin, a passionate Bitcoin enthusiast and author, introduced, an extraordinary chatbot platform infused with the very essence of Bitcoin.

This innovative platform, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, operates as an interactive program that can not only answer questions but also engage in meaningful conversations with its users.

Why Talk2Satoshi Stands out

What makes truly stand out is the meticulous effort put in by Corbin and his collaborator, Hugo Ferrer, during its development.

They entered a variety of sources in the chat program, including the forum posts and emails of Satoshi Nakamoto, Saifedean Ammous’ book “The Bitcoin Standard”, and even Corbin’s own groundbreaking work titled “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin.”

This unique blend of knowledge and insights ensures that possesses a comprehensive understanding of Bitcoin and its underlying principles.

By drawing from Nakamoto’s original correspondence, Ammous’ profound analysis, and Corbin’s own expertise, this platform has attained a level of wisdom and insight that sets it apart from other chatbot systems.

With, users can tap into a wealth of information and engage in enlightening discussions about the world of Bitcoin.

Whether you seek clarity on the origins of this revolutionary technology or wish to explore its potential in the face of global challenges, this chat bot platform promises to be an invaluable resource, providing a unique and simplified approach to understanding the intricate world of Bitcoin.

How Did the Chat Bot Fare against Bitcoin Related Questions?

At, users had numerous questions for the chatbot, including inquiries like “What gives Bitcoin its value?” People also asked, “Why will there never be more than twenty-one million bitcoin?”

In response, the chatbot explained, “By the year 2140, all bitcoins will have been issued, and the maximum supply will be 21 million.

This limit is firmly embedded in the protocol and cannot be altered without risking potential issues, such as the accidental loss of coins during bug fixes or changes in functionality. Therefore, any modifications to the protocol must ensure compatibility with previous versions.”

Expanding on the topic, the chatbot further elaborated that Bitcoin’s supply is strictly and permanently limited, meaning that there can only ever exist a total of 21 million bitcoins.

Curious individuals sought a different viewpoint by directing the same question to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, eager to gain an alternative perspective.

When asked about why the quantity of Bitcoin is capped at 21 million, ChatGPT 3.5 provided an insightful explanation. It stated that the reason behind the limitation of Bitcoin’s total supply lies in a crucial design element called ‘Bitcoin’s maximum supply.’

This characteristic is deeply ingrained in the foundation of Bitcoin, which is its underlying technology known as the blockchain. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, implemented a rule within the software protocol that gradually reduces the rate of new Bitcoin creation over time.

To shed more light on the subject, ChatGPT 3.5 stated that in order to maintain scarcity and prevent inflation, Bitcoin’s protocol follows a meticulously crafted approach.

The gradual reduction in the rate of new Bitcoin issuance acts as a safeguard, ensuring that the supply remains finite. By incorporating this rule, Satoshi Nakamoto established a system that aligns with the core principles of scarcity and long-term value preservation.

This deliberate design choice contributes to Bitcoin’s unique nature as a decentralized digital currency with a strictly limited quantity.

The Introduction of Satoshi Nakamoto AMA

After made its launch announcement on Twitter, another intriguing revelation came to light.

Ariel Flesler stepped forward, unveiling his own chatbot named “Satoshi Nakamoto AMA,” which shares similarities with but remains unpublished for now.

Flesler’s chatbot introduces a fascinating twist by incorporating a collection of preloaded questions and drawing references from Satoshi’s own statements on the forum.

As the Bitcoin community continues to explore new avenues of engagement, the emergence of Flesler’s chatbot adds another dimension to the quest for unraveling the mysteries surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto and the early days of Bitcoin’s development.