Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Tools to Buy Worldcoins

Buying Worldcoin with cash has no direct path. However, you can benefit from the local cryptocurrency market to purchase BNB or USDT by following the necessary steps of buying digital coins. You can then transfer them to a cryptocurrency exchange that allows WDC trading.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Trading Worldcoin

Not every crypto exchange offers trading services for WDC. It means you need to first sign up with a trading platform, create an account, and purchase your digital assets. Here are some crypto exchanges that allow you to exchange your altcoins, such as BNB with Worldcoins.


Binance is known for one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, which have a significant fan base, convenient user interface, and easy-to-use features. The crypto exchange offers crypt-to-crypto trading services. Primarily started in China in 2017, Binance then shifted to Malta. While Binance stands out in the top cryptocurrency exchanges, it does not allow crypto investors and traders from the USA. 

Another cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade worldcoin is Emerged in 2017, it is an American crypto exchange and tends to be the best trading platform for US investors. operates in English and Chinese, allowing Chinese cryptocurrency investors. It has a variety of trading pairs. It means you can see many new and old altcoins here. is one of the top twenty cryptocurrency exchanges known for the highest trading volumes. Most trading pairs on the cryptocurrency exchange include USDT or Tether. Besides a variety of trading pairs, experiences extraordinary liquidity, making the platform impressive for both new and old traders.

Tools for Trading WDC

In addition to cryptocurrency exchanges, several other tools also allow you to trade WDC with maximum convenience.


Cryptocurrency has a decentralized nature that makes users 100 percent responsible for the secure handling of their digital assets. Although hardware wallets enable you to hold your crypto coins in a safe place, an encrypted VPN can your trade hard to creak for hackers. It means they cannot eavesdrop or intercept your sensitive information, even if you are using a public internet connection or trading on the go.

It is never wise to choose VPN services because they might sniff your sensitive information for offering a free service. NordVPN is a paid and the best military-grade encrypted secure connection. Its CyberSec features allow you to block malicious websites and advertisements. With NordVPN, you can connect over 5000+servers in 60 plus countries, depending on your location. You can enjoy a smooth and secure connection no matter where you are. NordVPN has no data or bandwidth limits, which allows you to employ the service in your everyday cryptocurrency trading.


It is an affordable and secure VPN connection. The company has over 3200 servers expanded in 65 countries despite being a relatively new company on the market. SurfShark features VPN services and other features like CleanWeb. These features help block trackers, malware, ads, and phishing attempts during browser surfing. Since Surfshark has no data limitation, it allows you to use it on more than one device and trade cryptocurrencies like WDC with security and convenience.

Store Your Digital Holdings Securely

Look for a secure place to hold your digital assets, such as a hardware wallet. Ledger Nano, for instance, is an excellent choice for cryptocurrency investors who can securely store their coins for future trading. It has a friendly interface and easy setup. Ledger Nano S supports most blockchains and many ERC-20/BEP-20 tokens. It is portable and lightweight, allowing you to use it on desktops and laptops in multiple languages.

Ledger Nano X is another digital wallet with ST33, a powerful and secure element chip. It is portable and lightweight and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Ledger Nano X has a larger screen and more storage than Ledger Nano S. Besides supporting blockchains, the hardware wallet also backs various ERC-20/BEP-20.

You can store your WDC for a significant time. The safest way to hold your cryptocurrency is to keep them in a cryptocurrency wallet. It allows you to direct access to the blockchain. A paper wallet, for example, is a cold wallet type, which is available as a mix of offline-generated public and private addresses. You can write it somewhere safe for future use.

Hardware wallets are a better choice and work with USB-enabled devices to store your information more durably. Since they come with military-level security, you can have great peace of mind for your WDC and other altcoins.