Cross-Border Crypto Payments to be facilitated in Africa by Strike and Bitnob


The Lightning Network technology has found its way to multiple countries in the African continent. It is being achieved with the combined efforts of Strike and Bitnob to facilitate cross-border transactions.

Crypto Payments Come to Africa

The Lightning Network will be finding its way to multiple countries in Africa. At the moment, the countries getting the Lightning Network include Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana.

The revelation has been made by Jack Mallers, the CEO at Strike. He shared the information with the attendees of a conference that was held in Ghana.

Strike is a payments company for Bitcoin that uses the Lightning Network for fast transaction executions for digital assets.

Mallers confirmed that they will be offering their services to African countries with their new strategic partnership with Bitnob. It is a mobile application that is used in Africa for payments.

According to Mallers, they have found Bitnob to be a fine choice for partnership and to spread their network in the African region.

AfroBitcoinoffered more than Just Discussions

Mallers was among the representatives of multiple cryptocurrency firms and platforms from all over the world, representing Strike, at AfroBitcoin.

It was a conference that was held in Ghana for Bitcoin, and the people had gathered in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The conference was to share updates and talk about the expansion of Bitcoin in Africa.

While at the conference, Jack Mallers was accompanied by Bitnob’s Nigerian CEO, Bernard Farah. Both of them shared details about the collaboration of their companies to facilitate cross-border crypto payments.

They were ready to share their idea about the expansion of the Lightning Network in the entire African region and had a small presentation for that.

They even provided all the details and information on how the users could access the application. They also showed how the users could interact with the application and use it for making transactions.

Bitnob Adds a New Feature

Mallers confirmed that the new feature has been added to the Bitnob application, and has been dubbed “Send Globally”.

The benefit of the new feature is that it facilitates fast and quick transactions whether they are local or international. One of the major selling points of the feature is that it bolsters very low costs for payments.

When making the transactions, the users are not required to interact with Bitcoin directly. Instead, it is the platform that interacts with Bitcoin on behalf of the users as they make a transaction.

To promote the new feature, Strike has introduced a no-fee program for US-based users sending funds to Africa.

The countries they can send the funds for free include Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria.