Croatia Becomes Top Destination for Holiday Makers from Britain

Croatia Becomes Top Destination for Holiday Makers from Britain

Croatia has become a well-known tourist destination for many. But for travelers coming in from Britain, the country is being deemed as a top holiday escape.

Every year, Croatia manages to catch the attention of numerous residents of the United Kingdom.

Local media reported that statistics from the pre-pandemic times revealed an inflow of around 1.4 million Britain residents to the country in 2018.

These travelers when all the way to the Adriatic for a vacation, which was a year-on-year rise of 40%.

In addition, there was also an increase in the number of nights that visitors from the UK spend in Croatia. It went up from 3.3 million, recorded in 2016, to a figure of 4.6 million, reported in 2019.

Why Croatia?

The reason why Croatia is attracting a substantial number of residents from the UK is due to its pleasant and mild Mediterranean climate.

Consequently, the country enjoys dry and warm summers, with coastal temperatures only going up to 26 to 30°C.

On the other hand, the continental region of Croatia experiences even milder ranges of temperature, which lie between 22 to 26°C.

Meanwhile, the temperatures in the mountainous regions of the country tend to maintain cooler temperatures between 15 to 20°C.

Moreover, tourists coming in from Britain do not have to spend hours upon hours on long flights to get to the sun-soaked beaches that Croatia is famous for.

When searching for an exotic escape, UK residents can simply get on one of the many direct flights that fly from UK airports to Croatia.

As a result, budget flights to the country are easier to find and there is no hassle of connecting flights that travelers have to endure.

New Protocols

The British have been having a fun time in Croatia, which has prompted the authorities in Croatia to adopt a couple of new protocols. These will help curb the rowdy behavior of the tourists.

Despite these new regulations not being specifically designed for UK citizens, there have been instances of them causing chaos at various Croatian sites.

Even with the added enforcement of new restrictions, tourists from the UK can easily enjoy the party atmosphere and lively nightlife of Croatia.

Areas in the country, such as Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik, have welcomed tourists with open arms, given that they enjoy with responsibility and due prudence.

Chinese Tourists

Along with a higher number of British tourists, Croatia has experienced an increase in the flow of Chinese tourists as well.

This year, there were a large number of Chinese travelers in the country, mainly due to the lifting of coronavirus restrictions in numerous Asian countries.

Consequently, Croatia has offered a grand and warm welcome to tourists coming in from China, especially since it stands to benefit from a positive mutual relationship with the country.

In addition, The Croatian National Tourism Board (CNTB) has further announced that Croatia has been ranked number 2 as a preferred destination for Australian tourists as well.