Cosmos Price Surges to $13.47 While its RSI Moves Over 50

ATOM Price Hit the Peak Level on Tuesday

The trading price of Cosmos (ATOM) has recorded a significant surge in the past 24-hours. The data shows that on Tuesday, the trading price of ATOM moved to a high of $13.47 per ATOM.

However, the value of the asset toned down a bit in the past 24-hours as it moved to a low of $13.41 per ATOM.

When the asset hit a high of $13.47, it was the multi-week high that the asset had hit. After the asset hit a high trading value, it ended up taking a plunge, moving its price downward.

At the time of writing, the trading price of ATOM has moved to a low of $12.55 per ATOM. According to the market experts, the investors were aiming to take profits just as the asset would move closer to $13.50.

With ATOM coming closer to a particular level, the investors pulled out and started to sell the tokens. This ended up bringing them high gains but lowered the trading price of ATOM.

There are high chances that the bulls may attempt to work on another strong rally. They may try to form a strong rally to push ATOM’s price higher.

They will attempt to push through the $13.50 level, which is considered the ceiling for the asset.

Due to the recent rallies, the RSI of ATOM has moved over the 50.00 level. It was considered the resistance zone for the asset but with the bulls making it over that, the sentiments have grown stronger.

As of now, the RSI is exhibiting 51.52 and the value of the asset may continue pushing higher. The next level that the investors are eyeing is 57.00, which is the strong resistance mark.

If the bulls manage to cross that, the trading price of ATOM may grow to higher levels.

Performance of Solana

Solana (SOL) has also demonstrated a strong performance like ATOM in the latest session. Although the overall market sentiments were low, the trading price of SOL has continued surging.

Yesterday, the trading price of SOL was at a high of $23.00. However, the asset price fell to $20.31 as today’s trading session began.

The sentiments of the investors have continued surging since then and they have managed to push SOL’s price to a high of $22.11. Despite the decline, the asset is still trading near the recent high.

In yesterday’s session, SOL’s RSI was about to hit the 50.00 level. However, in the recent session, the situation has changed as the RSI has moved down to 48.91.

The bulls are still trying to push it higher and if they succeed, it would mean another strong buying rally. This would help SOL regain its recent lost level of $23.00.