Celebrities are playing a Huge Role in Mass-Adoption of Cryptocurrencies, Survey Reveals

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In our world, every person has an ideal whom he/she follows in order to achieve the same goals or succeed in their lives. People are always inspired by others whom they make their role models and their ideals. In the past when there was no social media or internet, people were largely disconnected from their ideals.

The only way for the celebrities and other activists to reach out to their followers was through television, radio, or paper. However, the situation has changed tremendously with the foundation of the internet world.

Now, people are able to interact with each other through social media channels and they are able to convey whatever they wish to convey through these mediums.

Over the course of time, even celebrities that are not much popular, have gained a lot of influence over their fans and followers. People are able to connect with their ideals through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many more sources, and the celebrities are well aware of it.

This is the reason the celebrities are using this to their benefit in order to influence people or have them do something that brings the celebrities more bucks.

This is exactly what the cryptocurrency firms are using to their benefit as they are hiring celebrities to promote their products and services. In some cases, celebrities are even coming up with their own cryptocurrency products and are seen endorsing them.

Surprisingly, the celebrities are able to get more responses and followers from their fans than other cryptocurrencies that are launched by the crypto-firms.

Just recently, a survey was conducted by a firm known as Morning Consult. The firm is known for being one of the major entities in the business intelligence sector. The firm recently gathered data surrounding the influence and role of celebrities in boosting the growth of the crypto-sector.

From the survey, it has been proven that celebrities’ influence has a lot of weight when it comes to promoting cryptocurrencies. Their endorsement for a particular cryptocurrency asset or service matters a lot and holds a lot of significance.

From the survey, the firm has revealed that 45% of the cryptocurrency owners have responded that they would invest more in cryptocurrencies if a celebrity they admire endorses it.

On the other hand, 20% stated that they would not invest in cryptocurrencies no matter what their ideals or most favorite celebrities or ideals have to say. According to these people, they would first study the cryptocurrency and the technology, alongside its longevity before investing in it.

A fair example of 45% of respondents is the EthereumMax (EMAX) that was recently promoted by Kim Kardashian, a major reality TV superstar. Although the coin was almost worthless, her 255 million followers made a huge difference with her endorsing it.