Capitual and Azimut Forma Partnership to Target Communities in European Market


Just as the cryptocurrency industry picked up the pace in the year 2020, it proved to be revolutionary to the entire fintech industry as well.

Since the inception of cryptocurrency technology, fintech firms have continued exploring the cryptocurrency sector.

They have continued increasing their exposure to cryptocurrencies and have adopted them as much as possible. As of today, almost every major fintech firm is offering all major cryptocurrencies.

Their purpose is to offer online banking to users that do not fully comply with the same policies as traditional financial institutions.

They offer people the opportunity to send and receive cross-border funds without incurring huge fees or charges.

Because the fintech firms are mainly regulated and adhere to local laws, they are convenient for traditional firms to adopt.

This is the reason why traditional asset management firms are partnering with fintech firms to utilize their technologies and profit from that.

Capitual Partners with Azimut

Recently, a major fintech company based in Brazil has formed a strong and strategic partnership with Azimut.

Capitual is a firm that acts as a bridge between financial entities based in the cryptocurrency environment. It has connections with several cryptocurrency exchanges based in Brazil.

Therefore, the fintech firm has a strong status in Brazil and it has been using its reputation to expand throughout the country.

Now, the fintech firm is determined to gain access to the European market. To achieve this, the firm has formed a partnership with Azimut. It is a major asset management firm that is based in Italy.

Capitual to Expand in Europe

According to the detailed information, the fintech firm and the asset management firm have formed a partnership, which includes a major investment.

The investment is to be made by Azimut and it is going to be worth €15 million, which translates to more than $16 million.

Using the funds, the fintech firm will be able to expand its services and business throughout European countries.

The Capitual officials have confirmed that they will be expanding their business and presence to Mexico as well. They will be opening up an office in a Latin country and offering their services.

They will be offering a variety of cryptocurrency-related services to the locals in Mexico and will continue expanding their portfolio.

The exchange is aiming to serve customers from multiple exchanges as well. These exchanges include Bitget, Huobi, and KuCoin.

According to the Capitual executives, their firm is aiming to offer the same services they have been offering in Brazil. They want to offer a safer and highly trustable platform to the users they can count on.