‘Bitcoin will Surpass USD’, Jack Dorsey Replied to a Tweet


During the interaction on Twitter between tech billionaire (former Twitter CEO) Jack Dorsey and the Grammy Award-winning rapper Cardi B. Jack Dorsey agrees on crypto surpassing the dollar. The reply from Jack Dorsey got a huge reaction on Social Media.

It happened on Tuesday,  Cardi B the famous rapper and award-winning artist asked on Twitter “Do you think crypto is going to replace the dollar?” replying to his tweet Jack Dorsey said; “Yes, Bitcoin will.”

After the tweet, Prices of BTC and ETH went up and jumped up to 5.6% on various exchanges
When the story got published, BTC was trading around  $48,600 + and ETH was trading around $4000 +.

Reacting to it, Billy Markus the co-founder of the ultimate meme coin “Dogecoin” shared a meme about why Dogecoin is more stable and has a higher chance of replacing the dollar (USD.)

Parag Agrawal became the new  CEO of Twitter after Jack Dorsey left Twitter a month ago to join the fintech venture. Parag Agrawal is the man who took the initiative to involve more in blockchain and decentralized projects.

Dorsey has said that in his recent project “block”- they are looking to develop a BTC mining system, It will be based on custom & open source for everyone which includes both individuals and businesses. It will become a part of Square’s already existing crypto (Bitcoin) oriented projects. This will consist of an open-source developer platform and a hardware cryptocurrency wallet too.

Regarding this, Jack Dorsey has said in a tweet; “If we do this, we’d follow our hardware wallet model: build in the open in collaboration with the community.”

Jesse Dorogusker who is the hardware lead of Square is currently leading a team to investigate the essentials required for Square.

Dorsey has been a big crypto believer and is an active Bicoin investor as well. We witnessed his eternal love for bitcoin in 2017 when he was fighting a case for bitcoin supremacy and labeling BTC as the one and only King crypto coin. Many people started doubting bitcoin after the crypto market crashed back in 2018. But, Dorsey was one of those who was still advocating for bitcoin to take over world currency in the future.

He endorses blockchain technology to keep the payment methods transparent.  Earlier this year, the whitepaper was released by Dorsey. Jack Dorsey has assured the investors that bitcoin will be one of the essential parts of their future projects. Once again proving his love for bitcoin.