Bitcoin Outperforms Commodities and Stocks to Become Best Asset from 2021

Today is a really exciting day for the entire cryptocurrency industry as something very special has been announced in favor of Bitcoin (BTC). The announcement made goes to show how much Bitcoin has grown since the beginning of the crypto-boom in 2020.

This marks a new milestone that has been achieved by Bitcoin, demonstrating how much it is demanded in the individual as well as retail trading industry.

The new announcement pertaining to Bitcoin confirms that the largest cryptocurrency in the entire world is now the best asset in terms of performance in the year 2021. The best thing is that it is not a claim made by the Bitcoin community or the cryptocurrency community.

This has been announced by the trade analysts confirming that they have the data to confirm the report. The data now confirms that Bitcoin has outperformed all other trading assets in the online trading industry to become the best trading asset in 2021.

According to reports, in the month of October alone, Bitcoin has experienced a 15% rise in its unit price. With this performance, Bitcoin has managed to beat even the most prominent trading assets in the entire world. The data shows that since the beginning of the year until now, the returns from Bitcoin have been almost 50%. This is a huge achievement claimed by Bitcoin and according to analysts, it is going to perform even better in the upcoming days.

When the Bitcoin industry was hit in the month of April, followed by the worst month it faced since the beginning of 2021, things were not looking good for Bitcoin.

Many thought that the rest of the year for Bitcoin was going to remain plagued by the bad and bearish market. It was being perceived by many that the Bitcoin market would remain gripped by downside. However, things have turned out to be exactly the opposite of the investors’ perception.

For Bitcoin, it was only the second quarter of 2021 that proved to be a downside. During this year, the patience level of the majority of the Bitcoin investors, Hodlers, and enthusiasts were tested. While many ended up withdrawing from Bitcoin, those who stayed back had their complete faiths in Bitcoin.

Finally, Bitcoin has proven them right, and now, they must be having the best time of their crypto-investments experience. With the latest announcement, Bitcoin is bound to gain the interest and attention of many more investors.

The announcement would not only bring individual investors but many mainstream investors towards the platform. According to data, the year-to-date (YTD) returns for Bitcoin are at 49.1%. On the other hand, the YTD returns for commodities were 36.7%. This means that Bitcoin has outperformed commodities with a huge margin.