As New Week Begins, Trading Price of Solana Surges More than 8%, What’s Next?

Solana Price Surges almost 10%

The trading price of Solana (SOL) has recorded a massive surge just as the new week has begun. The data revealed that a 10% pump has been recorded for the trading price of SOL pushing it to a multi-week high.

To be precise, SOL’s value has recorded a four-week high and it was recorded as the new week began.

Prior to the surge, the trading price of SOL was at a low of $21.59 per SOL. It was on Sunday when the low price was recorded for the asset and it ended up getting shot higher in the next 24-hours.

As a result of the strong push, the trading price of SOL went to a high of $23.83. It was early in the day when the trading price of SOL was recorded at such a high level.

The last time the trading price of Solana hit such a high level was back in February. It was reportedly at the end of February when the asset’s trading price was recorded at a higher level.

In the previous week, the price of SOL was lower, when it was below the $20 mark. From there, the price of Solana continued getting pushed higher.

The bulls were able to push it by almost 10%, bringing its price way higher than the $23.80 mark.


Due to the recent strong push, the RSI of Solana has been pushed higher as well. Before the rally took place, the RSI for the asset was below the 57.00 mark, which was the ceiling of the asset.

However, the bulls kept adding more buying power to the rally, which was able to push the RSI much higher than the recent level.

As of now, the RSI for SOL is at 58.85, and given the current situation, it will continue moving in the upward direction. With the relative strength index moving in the upward direction, the trading price of SOL may continue surging higher.

Chainlink Surged by 3%

The trading price of Chainlink (LINK) surged by almost 3% in the latest session, helping it experience the same trend as SOL. This was a good sign for the investors as the new week began.

Investors can now expect a strong boost in the trading price of the asset in the upcoming days.

Due to the recent push, the trading price of LINK has been pushed to a high of $7.38. Prior to the surge, the asset’s trading price was at a low of $6.99.

However, the value of the asset has been pushed up significantly in the latest session. Since March 2, this is the highest trading level that the trading asset has hit.