Another Famed American Football Opts For Salary Payment in Bitcoin

Another American footballer has adopted Bitcoin Standard who is a wide receiver from Los Angeles Rams namely Odell Becham Jr. who has said that he would like to receive his salary in Bitcoin. To honor his commitment and support towards Bitcoin, he has also announced giving away Bitcoins worth US$ 1 Million to his die-hard fans.

American footballers have been showing great interest in Bitcoin. Already there have been several players in various football teams who have adopted Bitcoin Standard. Bitcoin Standard is a way of showing support to the world’s leading crypto in which Bitcoin is embraced for a purpose other than trading.

The latest adoption of Bitcoin Standard has taken place within a renowned football team of America namely “Los Angeles Rams”. One of this team’s most popular players is a wide receiver whose name is Odell Becham Jr. He is also widely known by his field name “OBJ”.

On 22nd November 2021, OBJ had posted a post from his Twitter account. In this post, OBJ disclosed that he has talked with the management of his team. He has instructed them that from now on he would like to receive his salary dues into Bitcoins. He further informed Twitter that he has already made arrangements with the Cash App of Square for payment into Bitcoins.

While revealing his adoption of Bitcoin Standard, OBJ further informed that he would be giving away US$ 1 Million Bitcoin prizes to his fans.

OBJ is a widely famous football star in America, and especially in Los Angeles. He has more than 4 million followers on his Twitter account.

It has been confirmed that OBJ has signed a contract with the team Rams 10 days ago. Before joining the Rams, he was part of the team called “Cleveland Browns”. His contract with Cleveland Browns had expired two weeks ago and he has now joined the Rams. Under the contract with Rams, he is entitled to receive a fixed salary of US$ 750,000. In addition, he will be paid US$ 500,000, which was to be paid to him if he happened to sign the contract, which he did. During the whole season with the Rams, he will be earning shares of the incentives for the team. This would mean further that US$ 3 Million will be earned by him in a year which would be separate from his salary and signup bonus.

It has been further confirmed that many of his fans have already received their shares of Bitcoin, which OBJ had promised. Some of his fans have published photographs of receiving a US$ 20 reward in BTC from OBJ.

It is becoming a fad that many American footballers are willing to accept Bitcoin against their salary payments.