A Major Crypto Exchange from LATAM Expands to US, Crypto Sector Grows Diverse


Ripio officials have recently announced that they have decided to expand their business outside of the Latin-American (Latam) region.

Ripio Comes to the US

Ripio, which ranks as one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the entire Latin-American region is aiming to expand its business. The next region it has targeted is none other than the United States.

The exchange already has a very high user base as the Ripio officials claim to have a strong user base of 4.5 million in the Latam region.

It is a huge size crypto exchange with a promising future for the entire investment community that is linked with it. The exchange is now determined to launch its operations for US-based investors.

Ripio has an Operating License

The officials at the Ripio exchange have confirmed that they have already acquired an operating license in the United States.

The Florida Office of Financial Regulation has reportedly issued the license for the cryptocurrency exchange to operate in the US.

With the issuance of the license, the exchange will now be able to offer a suite of cryptocurrency services to the locals in the United States.

The US is Opening up Doors for Cryptocurrencies

Throughout the history of the cryptocurrency industry, the United States has been one of the strictest countries it had to deal with.

However, the US has continued playing a major role in the expansion of cryptocurrencies across the globe. For a long time, US regulators have continued rejecting the cryptocurrency industry.

Still, the crypto market was able to thrive on US soil for a long time. Now, the US regulators are growing soft on the cryptocurrency industry, which must be taken as a great sign for the crypto-industry.

What Ripio Aims to Offer

Now that the exchange has the green signal to operate in the US, there is a great number of features it wants to bring to the US locals.

Ripio wants to start operating with the launch of multiple exchange services, a custodial wallet, and even its latest product, a Web3 wallet.

The exchange does not want to stop there it is determined to bring its B2B integration to the cryptocurrency market in the US.

Using the B2B integration, other crypto/non-crypto companies from around the world and within the US would be able to connect with Ripio.

This is the beginning of a great future for the cryptocurrency industry in the United States. The country is now opening up its doors to international platforms to operate within its jurisdiction.

This way, the cryptocurrency market in the US will witness great diversity and the sector would grow larger in the region.